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Text Transcription: BLT Holidays on a Shoestring

The purpose of the BLT program is to teach low-income families about nutrition and everything that embodies nutrition. But basically this is to tie it into the holidays because a lot of people get food-borne illnesses, and they don’t know all the facts about how they get sick during the holidays, about how to save money, about, there’s just many different things we’re going to cover this evening. Fact is by the time you hit January you’re out of money and gain 20 pounds. Tonight I’m going to start off with my pyramid. It’s the new food guide pyramid that the USDA came out with in April. I’m going to go into shopping strategies by telling people how to spend their money wisely and how to stretch their money during the holidays as far as grocery shopping and eating and different items like that. Then I’m going to go into food-borne illness and the different items there, you know, so that they can stay safe because, once again, that can save you money, you don’t want that 200 dollar trip to the ER. After that, Sandy Fry, which is the FCS agent ,is going to cover recipe substitutions and how to have less sugar and less fat in your holiday recipes. Then we’re going to have Joe Mask talk about turkey and ham preparations, how to keep them safe. Then we have Yolanda McQueen and Jennifer Garza, they’re going to talk about financial management and stress management. Then our horticulture agent is going to talk about picking a Christmas tree and how to keep it safe.
“Oh, this was fabulous. This, I told her, this is probably one of the…I was thinking, 2 hours my gosh how long is it really going to last. You know really drag out and this was really very good, very well organized, I was very impressed.”
“The interaction, the participation, yes. And they made it very…with the jesting, that had a lot to do with it. They were interacting with us and answered questions right away too.”
I want them to enjoy the holidays. That is my main goal. And the best way to enjoy the holidays is to not be stressed out about money, to be able to know that you can feed your family and that you can make ends meet.